Hi-tech Natural Products(India) Advance Beekeeping Equipment Set Royal Jelly Production and Extraction kit-1, Propolis Strip-1, Bee Venom Collector-1 and Pollen Trap-1 -Combo of 4

Price: ₹ 20,000.00 - ₹ 19,000.00
(as of Oct 13,2020 09:41:53 UTC – Details)

1.Royal Jelly Production & Extraction Kit- This is a new product manufactured by us first time in India. This kit is sufficient for collecting Royal Jelly from 6 bee hives. This is designed for Apis Mellifera Bee hive & for using this bee hive should have 6-7 frames maximum. This kit includes two parts. First part is Royal jelly production kit & second part is Royal jelly extraction Kit. 2.Propolis strip-We are the one & only manufacturer of this product in India. It is made by food graded plastic. It Is used for collecting Bee propolis from the top of bee hive 3.Bee Venom Collector machine-Bee venom is made by bees. This is the poison that makes bee stings painful. Bee venom is used to make medicine. This product Bee Venom Collector (BVC) is used for collecting this venom of the honey bee (Apis mellifera) without injuring the bee. 4.Pollen trap-pollen trap offered by us helps in the collection of pollen and is secured at the entrance of the bee hive. It includes four parts, namely white wooden frame for holding other three parts, black trap which restricts the bees to enter in beehive with excessive pollen, Plastic storage tray where pollen are stored & aluminum net which protect the collected pollens. Our pollen trap is specially for Apis Mellifera bee hives.

We are pleased to have finally found a source for a low range Beekeeping Equipment
Plastic storage tray where pollen are stored and aluminium net which protects the pollens

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